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Usage guideline: about 1 cm


ORBIS aging care that uses the natural power of the skin to be beautiful and fills the stratum corneum with water.


. Carefully check that you have no abnormalities on your skin. If the cosmetics do not suit your skin, that is, in the following cases, discontinue use. If you continue to use it as it is, the symptoms may worsen, so it is recommended to consult a dermatologist. (1) Should you observe any abnormalities such as redness, swelling, itchiness, irritation, color loss (white spots etc.) and skin darkening during use. (2) When the skin used is exposed to direct sunlight and the above abnormalities appear. 2. Do not use on areas with an abnormality such as scratches, swelling or eczema. 3. Be careful not to get this in your eyes. Should it get in your eyes, rinse immediately with cold or warm water. 4. Keep out of reach of children, direct sunlight, hot and humid or extremely cold places.


"Water, glycerin, myristic acid, palmitic acid, lauric acid, K hydroxide, stearic acid, martitol, decyl glucoside, Moroccan lava clay, yagurumagi flower extract, peach leaf extract, amamo extract, polyquaternium-7, polyquaternium-39, BG, DPG, cellulose gum

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"ORBIS Inc. 〒142-0051 2-1-14 Hiratsuka, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo "