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Panasonic EH-SE51 Heated Eyelash Curler (Creamy Pink)

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Separate comb to spread the eyelashes in a fan shape In the "double-heater" with, tightly curled up eyelashes Comb is Hazuse take, cleaning easy Chic navy and two colors of creamy pink


Rather than raise the eyelashes at a time in hot Buhler, let's divided into three stages of "inner corner of the eye, center, and outer corner of the eye". Lift against the base about three seconds, will continue to slide until it slowly hair. If you keep about 3 seconds in the hair, for us to do and Carl come! Until the eyelashes of heat is cool, and I'll keep the curl, such as a cotton swab ◎!


※ such as conjunctivitis, towards the eye of the disease should not be used. ※ in your environment (season, humidity, etc.) and individual differences, the effect is different.


Separate comb

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Panasonic Corporation Yubinbango571-8501 Osaka Prefecture Kadoma Oaza Kadoma 1006 address