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PDC Wafood Made Sake Kasu Lotion 190ml

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More easily the popularity of sake lees beauty, even in the daily skin care. Two-layer type of lotion made to stick to the material. It was extracted from lees of Kumamoto Prefecture Kawazu brewing, blending the original sake lees extract * 1. Narrowing seen moisture soaking up the back * 2 of your skin, leading to skin * 3 clear, and go a moist transparent feeling. ■ the lees beauty to daily skin care! Lotion that leads moist clear, and go to the skin * 3 Sake is a by-product out in making sake. Handed down a “hand of dealing with sake lees master brewer (sake craftsman) is beautiful” for a long time, I went widespread lees pack beauty regimen washout. Such lees beauty method has created a lotion that is easily incorporated into the daily skin care. ■ moist with lotion containing original sake lees extract * 1 clear, and go to the skin * 3 It was extracted from lees of Kumamoto Prefecture Kawazu brewing, blending the original sake lees extract. And rice the domestic rice in the center of sake rice of Aso, using the Aso of spring water and Kumamoto yeast (Association No. 9 yeast), We are using a gently squeezed the sake lees of the extract in the old-fashioned bath squeezed process. Gently squeezing this process is characterized by containing a large amount of moisture. The extract moisturizes and clarity to your skin, and leads to moist clear, and go skin. ■ 2-layer type in which the lees lotion made at home to role model Sutsu familiar in your skin * 2 moisture to the entire soak, gives moisture and clarity to your skin dull and dry. ★ Please use Shake well because we are component is precipitated. ■ beautiful skin support (beauty moisturizing) ingredients Luxuriously blending the extracted plant extract from carefully selected raw materials. To your skin and deliver the moisture. cucumber fruit extract US ceramide * 4 yuzu seed extract 1 moisturizing 2 square layer 3 moistened that of skin a sense of transparency in 4 Komenukasufingo glycolipid


After washing, the palm or cotton take appropriate amount (500 yen coin size), please let me rub your skin. Since it has component is precipitated, please use Shake well.


· Your skin abnormality be used with caution well or does not occur in When you do not fit in-your skin, that is, during use, direct sunlight on your skin that you use, redness, swelling, itching, irritation, color loss, stop using If you get abnormality such as (such as white spots) and darkening , that you consult to dermatologists - scratches and eczema, etc., that you do not use the site of abnormal - Be careful with eyes, rinse without rubbing when this happens, if the remaining discomfort such as grain to consult an ophthalmologist · Tighten firmly cap after use, extremely high or low temperatures, where direct sunlight, do not place the projector reach of children arrives,



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