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Piafloss Pure Frost Mint Water 60 Bottles

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Cleansing floss exclusively for piercing holes. Clean the clean pierced holes of Japanese paper floss and herb water that are kind to your skin. ● Floss made from Japanese paper is safe for your skin. ● If you use a commercially available disinfectant instead of herb water, you can get more sterilizing and disinfecting effects. ● You can clean the area around the piercing hole and the piercing posts by soaking the cotton with herb water. ● The upper and lower caps make the container bulky.


● (1) Take out the set of the main body from the box, remove the cap of the case A containing the floss, and pull out the part where the tip of the floss is coated in green. ● (2) Remove the cap of Case B containing water, soak the taken out floss in water for about 5 seconds, and swell it (when it swells) and take it out. ● * At this time, the part where the floss tip is green is coated so that it can be easily inserted into the piercing hole, so do not soak this part in water. ● (3) From the front of the floss that is green, insert it slowly from the front of the piercing hole. ● * At this time, if the floss is too small for the floss to pass through (difficult to pass through), do not force it through and put on your pierce once, then pass the floss through the pierce hole again. ● If it still does not pass (difficult to pass), stop using.


Precautions Do not use if you have not completed the piercing hole within 6 months after opening the piercing, or if you have scratches, swelling, or eczema on or around the hole. If you experience pain, itch or irritation during use, discontinue use. Do not re-use the floss once used by immersing it in water again. Never drink water. Do not use it for anything other than cleaning the pierce hole. The diameter of the floss tip is 0.6 mm. If the floss tip does not fit smoothly into the piercing hole, stop using it. Forcing it through may damage the piercing hole. Be sure to pull out the floss slowly in one direction, and do not squeeze the floss back and forth on the way. [Notes on storage] After use, wipe off the water liquid on the cap B and the screw part of the main body, and then close the cap firmly. After opening, store in a cool place away from direct sunlight and use as soon as possible. Keep out of reach of children.


Floss: Japanese paper, Mint water: Purified water, alcohol, menthol, preservative

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