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Piafloss Piafhole Cleaner-Mint Water (60 bottles of 5ml)

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The ear piercing floss is made of advanced, soft and skin-friendly paper, will not not cause secondary infection to the skin. The cleansing solution contains multiple plants extracts which have great cleaning effect. Gently clean and remove the dirt, no irritations, mild and reliable. Simple and easy to use. Just soak the cleaning floss into the solution for seconds, then slowly floss it through the hole. Available in 2 flavors (mint and rose), the mint solution has great cleaning effect, and the smell of the rose solution is better, clean your ear holes and nourish it at the same time.


Wet floss in herb liquid for 5 seconds then push floss through pierce hole.


1. It is not recommended for those ear holes which is formed within half a year. Because ear holes are not in good condition, mistake use may tear ear holes. 2. The product contains . People who are allergic to are prohibited. 3. The cleaning line should not be soaked for too long. Otherwise the line will become thick and can not go through the ear hole. 4. If the ear hole is smaller, it is recommended to wear an earring to stretch first. Soak the cleaning line for 5 seconds, then cut it short a bit, then pull it slowly.


Water, ethanol, BG, allantoin, benzalkonium chloride, menthol, rose water, PEG-60 hydrogenated castor oil, methylparaben

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Co., Ltd. Wonder Works Yubinbango550-0011 Nishi-ku, Osaka Awaza 2-4-3 Sakamoto building 102