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Pigeon Insect Mist for Rin cloth

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A mist for cloth products that protects your baby in a wide range without applying it to your skin. Just spray it on your clothes or stroller to prevent insects from approaching. It is made of essential oils of natural herbs, which are said to dislike insects, and ingredients for food. A refreshing citrus scent. You can also sterilize.


Spray it on clothes, strollers, and other cloth products at a distance of 20-30 cm. About 3 hours * Varies depending on the usage environment.


● You can not eat this product. ● Do not apply directly to the skin. ● If it touches your hands or accidentally gets it in your mouth, rinse it thoroughly with water, and consult a doctor if any allergies appear. ● Please do not use for any other purpose. ● When used by children, please use it within the reach of parents so as not to lick it, touch it, or peel it off. ● Please avoid using the parts on the sides of clothes, the crotch part of pants, etc. where friction is likely to occur, as color transfer may occur. ● Delicate materials such as silk and piled fabrics may leave adhesive or spoil the texture, so please try it in an inconspicuous place in advance. ● Avoid using leather or synthetic leather as it may damage the texture. * Please dispose of as burnable garbage after use. ● Please keep out of reach of children. ● When storing, please close the chuck firmly and use as soon as possible. ● Do not store in direct sunlight or high temperature.


Lemon St. Tea Tree Oil, Citronellal, Lavender Oil, Surfactant, Ethanol

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Pigeon Co., Ltd. 4-4 Hisamatsucho, Nihonbashi, Chuo-ku, Tokyo Customer consultation room TEL. 0120-741-887