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Pigeon Breast Milk Feeling Nipple 3 months to 2 M size N

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From about 3 months A mouth and nipple designed exclusively for breast-feeding baby bottles, which has been researched and made for 60 years to study the movements of the baby's mouth. You can reproduce the same mouth movements as when you drink your breasts directly, so it is easy to use with your breasts. Comfortably assists breastfeeding.


[Breastfeeding nipple lineup] ● SS (round hole) 0 months ~ (Drinking standard: 50 ml takes about 10 minutes) * For babies shortly after birth ● S (round hole) 1 month ~ (drinking guideline: 100 ml takes about 10 minutes) ● M (three-cut) 3 months ~ (Approximate drinking time: 150 ml takes about 10 minutes) ● L (three-cut) 6 months ~ (Approximate drinking time: 200 ml takes about 10 minutes) ● LL (three-cut) 9 months or more (approx. 5 minutes for 200 ml) * For babies who want to drink more than L


* There are individual differences in how to drink even at the same age. Choose a nipple that suits your baby based on how you grow and how you drink. One way to choose a nipple is to feed it for 10 to 15 minutes (5 to 10 minutes for 9 months or more), which is the same as breastfeeding.


Nipple: Synthetic rubber (silicone rubber)

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Pigeon Co., Ltd. 4-4 Hisamatsucho, Nihonbashi, Chuo-ku, Tokyo Customer consultation room TEL. 0120-741-887