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Pigeon straw bottle tall pink

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● A slim bottle that can be carried compactly. ● Slide lid that is easy to open and close, and the contents are hard to leak ● Large parts make cleaning easy ● Baby-friendly, soft and easy to drink straws ● The handle can be removed and used, so it is not bulky in the bag. ● You can use it anytime, anywhere, at home or at home. ● You can choose from 3 different colors. ● Plenty of size that does not need to be added ● You can use the handle even if you remove it. ● This product is for giving drinks to infants. Do not use it for any other purpose. * It is not compatible with the foldable handle type "Pigeon Petit Straw Bottle".


(1) Remove the cap. (2) While holding the bottle with one hand, please put the drink. (3) Securely tighten the cap to the end. Make sure the cap is tight and give it to your child.


[Notes when drinking] ・ Do not tilt the bottle more than horizontal with the slide lid open. Drinks inside may spill through straws or vents. * For detailed usage, please read the instruction manual included with the product. [Precautions] ・ Do not place near a fire. ・ Please do not put drink and heat in the microwave. ・ Depending on various conditions, it may get leaked. When carrying it, put it in a waterproof bag such as a plastic bag.


Bottle, handle, slide lid, outer cap, inner cap ... Polypropylene Packing, straw spout, straw tube, ventilation parts ... Silicone rubber (Heat-resistant temperature 120 degrees)

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Pigeon Co., Ltd. 4-4 Hisamatsucho, Nihonbashi, Chuo-ku, Tokyo Customer consultation room TEL. 0120-741-887