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Direct from japan

Pip Magneloop EX Hello Kitty Black 50cm

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***Due to the recent tighening control policy of the SG Customs, all products that exceed SGD400 might risk being taxed. We advise you to separate orders exceed SGD400. We are not responsible for the tax incurred.***
Product name Pip Magne Loop EX
Manufacturing and sales company Pip
Ingredients/Materials [Main body material] Silicone resin

[Magnetic flux density] 150 mm Tesla (4 particles), 75 mm Tesla (16 particles)
Product features ●20 magnets are incorporated in the loop ●Magnetic loop improves blood circulation in the neck and shoulders and is effective for stiffness ●Magnetically penetrates widely from neck to shoulder ●Can be wet even if water is ●Removable easily ●Maximum magnetic flux density 150 millitesla

**Strictly no return /refund for change of mind**