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POLA Growing Shot Color Quick Brush (BROWN)

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Cover gray hair to be worried about at the pin point. Hair color of the comb-type brush that does not pollute the hands and scalp. About 30-40 times at the hairline 2 ~ 3cm use


1) paint Gray hair will Toka several times in parting and hairline to be worried about. If you like make a brush part to the scalp, you wet firm. To 2) set Place a few minutes until dry When you have finished coating, etc. Then hairbrush and comb, and prepares the hair style as usual.


The hair surface because it is the item to be immediate to color ring ※, almost fall in the shampoo. Lasting color ring, please use the Glowing shot color treatments.


Ethanol, water, benzyl alcohol, (acrylates / dimethicone) copolymer, lactic acid, BG, Asian ginseng root extract, hydrolyzed conchiolin, camellia seed extract, + / -: Black 401, purple 401, orange 205, red 227

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