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POLA Wrinkle Shot Medical Serum 20g

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Japan's only medicinal cosmetics * 1 can improve wrinkles * 2 * 1 Only: From December 2016 onwards. * 2 Wrinkle improvement: The efficacy evaluation test established by the Japan Cosmetic Science Association has been completed. In 12 weeks, 70% of people have improved external wrinkles. Wrinkle depth increased by 34%. One day, impossible becomes possible. January 1, 2017. POLAr wrinkle shot, born. This product is the first batch of approved cosmetics in Japan to improve wrinkles. A bottle of essence contains the only mechanism in the world that can improve wrinkles. POLA found out. Inflammation caused by ultraviolet rays, etc., and expression wrinkles generated in daily life will make the skin mistakenly think that it is a "blemish" and instead produce wrinkles. As long as the effect is blocked, the original strength of the skin can promote the improvement of wrinkles. What makes it possible is POLA's own quasi-medicinal active ingredient NEI found from about 5,400 ingredients. ※2 The world's first discovery created a POLAr wrinkle shot. Its mechanism is different. In other words, the methods for improving wrinkles are different. We have learned 440,000 * 3 skins. It will be you next. A pioneer in improving wrinkles, starting with POLA. Approved for the first time in Japan. Prevent the dermis from breaking down. Take advantage of the original power of the skin to improve wrinkles * 4. 440,000 people have already experienced it. Won the 40 best cosmetics awards, and recognized by beauticians. * 5 * 1. The mechanism of reducing wrinkles in the world: The mechanism of reducing wrinkles balances the decomposition and generation of dermis by inhibiting the activity of neutrophil elastase. * 2. NEI: Ingredient name Sodium isopropyltrioxypropylaminocarbonylpyrrolidinecarbonylmethylpropylaminocarbonylbenzoylaminoacetate * 3. 440,000: Sales results from January 1, 2017 to September 30, 2017 (POLA survey) * 4. Wrinkle improvement: Based on the evaluation criteria of the "Anti-wrinkle Product Evaluation Guide" developed by the Japan Cosmetic Science Association, it has gained important significance to obtain new efficacy. * 5. 40 crowns awarded: as of January 6, 2018 * Aging care: choose care cosmetics according to age


○ Please use after cleansing your skin with toner in the morning and evening maintenance. ○ Apply an appropriate amount of beauty liquid to your fingertips and apply to wrinkles. The basis for the amount of use for each part (two eye corners, wrinkles on both sides of the mouth, forehead, etc.) is about 2 grains of rice. ○ Stretch wrinkles and apply gently in the direction of the arrow. Please extend from the inside out, from the bottom up.


※ The application test has been carried out on sensitive skin. Not that all people will not be stimulated by dander.


Dimethicone, Methacrylic acid ester resin powder, Cross-linked dimethicone, Glyceryl triethylhexanoate, Sericite, Isopropyltrifluorooxopropylaminocarbonylpyrrolidinecarbonylmethylpropylaminocarbonylbenzoylaminoacetic acid Na, Silica anhydride

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POLA Co., Ltd. 2-2-3 Nishigotanda, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo Contact information 0120-366-466