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POLA Pensée De Bouquet Hydrating Body Shampoo Blanc Body Shampoo 500ml

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Cleaning tool moistened with hot water (nylon towel, body sponge, body brush) is taken up, while drawing a round circle toward the heart from the lightly whipped hand from the previous and feet, and wash to massage. Bust and hip is effective to shape up and wash as to raise. Body (body) the central part of the (back and chest) is that many secretion of sebum, and is easy to can Aburappoku acne, gently wash off. When the washing hard to back and hip use a body brush, you can wash firm. Then thoroughly rinsed.


Please use wrong with your skin with care good or does not occur. If your skin does not fit, that is, in the case such as the following, please discontinue use. If you continue to accept, because it may worsen the symptoms, we recommend that you consult your doctor and dermatologist. (1) In use, redness, swelling, itching, irritation, color loss when abnormality such as (such as white spots) and darkening appeared (2) If the skin was used, appeared symptoms, such as the direct sunlight ● scratches and swelling, eczema, etc., please do not use in an area of ​​abnormal. ● Some products, there is the case that component name display is set to change part.


Water, coconut fatty acid, glycerin, hydroxide K, laureth sulfate Na, myristic acid, lauric acid, hydroxypropyl methylcellulose, cocoamphoacetate Na, PEG-3 lauramide, fragrances, arnica flower extract, hydrolyzed collagen, hydroxide Na, BG, pentetic acid 5Na

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