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POLA Special Set EX180*3 Tablets

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Special three-month plan for Bio Queen V, Bio Cycle, and Bio ex! The popular Kenbi Sansen, Bioroot and Biobarrier were updated to Biocycle and Biodiffex. This product is equipped with new materials, and we will let you first try these two products that are more power up. KENBI SANSEN BIO QUEEN V For balance and vitality, every day. Bio Queen V contains Siberian ginseng that has been highly valued as a health food since ancient times, udo stalk*1, and other ingredients. It also contains high quality royal jelly, which is collected in limited amounts from late March to early April when the worker bees are most active during the year, and red ginseng produced from Asian ginseng. KENBI SANSEN BIO CYCLE For a healthy body that functions smoothly. Bio Cycle contains 10 ingredients including hawthorn extract from the hawthorn fruit of the Rosaceae family, suberect spatholobus stem extract, and longan fruit juice extract. KENBI SANSEN BIO DEFEX For a body that feels protected, refreshed, and light, every day Contains various ingredients including lingzhi mushroom, fennel, corn silk, and turmeric.


2 Capsules daily to be taken with water. Bio Queen V 180 capsules (2 capsules per day, about 3 months) Bioroot 180 capsules (2 capsules per day, about 3 months) Bio barrier 180 capsules (2 capsules per day, about 3 months)


◇ This product does not cure diseases and improve health by ingesting the product in large quantities. Please observe the daily intake. ◇ Please refer to the raw materials, people who are allergic to food should not eat it. (Regarding BIO QUEEN, people with asthma and food allergies, please do not eat.) In addition, depending on the physique and physical condition, it may not be suitable. Please abort in this case. ◇ People taking medicine or hospitalization, pregnant or breastfeeding, please consult with your doctor before consumption. ※ This product is different from specific health foods, and has not been specially reviewed by the Minister of Consumer Affairs.


Kenmi Sansen Bio Queen V Royal jelly (containing royalactin), ginseng extract (red ginseng extract), eleuthero extract, dextrin, udo extract (live stem extract), sorbitol, hydroxypropyl cellulose, silicon dioxide, calcium stearate, paste (carboxymethyl cellulose calcium), colorant (Titanium dioxide, safflower yellow, gardenia), zein, sweetener (licorice), glycerin ester, brightener Kenmi Sansen Bioroot Reduced maltose starch syrup, dense bean extract, ginkgo biloba extract, brown rice germ extract, ginger extract, hawthorn extract, ginseng leaf extract, DHA-containing purified fish oil, dextrin, protein hydrolyzate, crystalline cellulose, sucrose ester, paste (hydroxy) Propyl methyl cellulose), silicon dioxide, colorants (rack, titanium dioxide, cacao, gardenia), sweeteners (licorice), glycerin, brighteners (including milk as part of the raw materials) Kenmi Sansen Bio Barrier Green tea extract, reduced maltose starch syrup, ganoderma lucidum extract, turmeric extract, gardenia extract, chestnut extract, calcined cellulose, crystalline cellulose, paste (hydroxypropylmethylcellulose), sucrose ester, tricalcium phosphate, glycerin, colorant (dioxide Titanium, cacao, safflower yellow), sweetener (licorice), brightener 发送反馈 历史记录

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