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POLA White Shot Inner Lock Tablet IXS 180 Tablets

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Approaching transparency from the inside of the body White Shot Inner Lock Tablet IXS Power up by blending new ingredients. A transparent approach with 2 tablets daily. Bayberry Burk S * and YAC extract * are newly added. We have also renewed Micro Bran Nour EX and Melon Grisodedin, which had been previously compounded, with a power-up compound. It is a supplement that takes 2 tablets daily and approaches transparency from the inside of the body. * POLA original ingredients ・ I want to be transparent in the body. ・ I am worried about discoloration.


Take 2 capsules a day with water without chewing.


People who are taking medicine or seeing a doctor, pregnant or breastfeeding, please consult with your doctor before taking.


Bayberry bark S combination An original balance of POLA's original ingredients, which is a mixture of bayberry bark extract, which is called bayberry, extracted from the bark of bayberry and an extract, which is extracted from rosemary. Contains YAC extract POLA original raw material extracted in high concentration from carefully selected mugwort using a unique manufacturing method. Micro Blancol EX blend POLAr original raw material Brannole® is a finely pulverized raw material with improved solubility. Brunol® is a raw material found in heartwood of Indian quinoki that grows in India. Indian quinoki, which grows in harsh environments, has long been used in India as a valuable plant that symbolizes vitality. * Blannol is a registered trademark of POLA. Melon trisodin combination Ingredients extracted from the fragile melons from the Avignon region of southern France. Among them, only those that conform to the POLA original standard are used. Compared to general varieties, it is less likely to be damaged and has a long-lasting characteristic. This outstanding power is attracting attention all over the world.

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