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Qtebody Sunpack cute body coral pink

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It feels like "professional shiatsu"! Body soft Home beauty salon legs feel good Just follow the body and just roll around Body care integrated with the palm of your hand! POINT1 It's a ball with a good weight, so it doesn't require power POINT2 Flexible resin that fits tightly to the body Calf, thighs, soles & knees ○ Heat resistant temperature Body: 65 degrees, Ball support: 110 degrees


Body care integrated with the palm of your hand


This product is not therapeutic. ● Recollection (muscle pain) may occur Please use about 10 minutes as a guide. ● Do not allow children to swallow or swallow If you have heart disease, please do not use while taking a bath. ● Use when skin is abnormal Consult Please be careful. ● Please keep out of reach of children. Blood pressure Don't do it. ● Should you observe any allergies on your skin during or after use, discontinue use immediately and consult a doctor. Please When using this saw, be sure to sit down as it may fall. ● The groin part, Be careful not to let it fall so much and roll it gently. ● There are various nerves and carotid arteries in the neck. Therefore, we recommend that you consult the Kadomoya. ● If you use it with too much effort, you may feel sick or bruise. Please note that it may happen. ● If you are allergic to metal, consult a doctor before use. Book The material used is a material that is sensitive to oil. Do not use oil. ● When using for the first time, the ball feels difficult to rotate However, it will soon become familiar and will rotate normally. ● Please do not use for any purpose other than its original purpose. ● Wrap body hair If you are concerned, please use it over your clothes as it may get inside. ● Please read this instruction manual carefully and keep it in a safe place. Material) Body: Elastomer (heat resistant temperature 65 degrees) Do not dry in the sun. Do not pour hot water (heat resistant temperature 110 degrees).


(Body) Elastomer (ball receiver) Polyacetal (ball) Stainless

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Sunpack Co., Ltd. 564-0063 1-17-14 Esaka-cho, Suita City, Osaka Prefecture