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ReFa CARAT RAY Massager (Gifts With Purchase)

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1 Piece+<Free Gifts30g, 50ml, 180ml, 90ml>


● Rolling method The strength with which the roller sucks up the skin can be adjusted by the angle at which the handle is held. ● When advancing in front of the roller Raise the handle gradually and check the suction strength. ● When pulling the roller back Gradually lower the handle and check the suction strength. * If you feel any pain on your skin, raise the handle.


A streamlined body that fits in your hand with a beautiful wavy tether. Among them, there are many large solar panels that give off a distinctive presence. Produces microcurrent. With the deep pinching movement of the double drainage roller that reproduces the movement of kneading For radiant, firm skin. ReFa Expression Glossy Cream 30g ReFa Expression Platinum Serum 50ml ReFa Expression Rising Lotion 180ml ReFa Expression Booster Serum 90ml


Safety Precautions Do not use the following people. There is a risk of accidents and skin / physical problems. ○ Metal allergies-People with constitution. ○ Persons with sensory impairment on the skin. ○ People with skin infections, skin inflammation, etc. ○ Those who are in an unstable period in the early stages of pregnancy, those who have just given birth, or those who are not feeling well during pregnancy (such as those with preeclampsia). ○ People with bleeding disorders (hemophilia, etc.). ○ Those who are not in good physical condition. ○ Those who are prone to purpura. ○ Those who are taking medicine. ○ Those who are drinking. ○ Those who are very tired.


ABS, brass, acrylic, silicone rubber, elastomer, stainless steel, nylon, platinum

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〒453-0041 4-13 Honjintori, Nakamura-ku, Nagoya-shi, Aichi MTG No. 2 HIKARI Building MTG Co., Ltd.