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SANA-Esteny Medicinal Body Refining Acne Mist 300ml

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【how to use】 ・ Spray directly on areas of concern such as back and chest that are rough or acne. -The bottle can be used either upright or inverted.


● Esthetic-grade body care that you can do at home! A medicated body mist that cares for worrisome body problems ● The active ingredients salicylic acid and allantoin keep the skin clean and prevent acne and roughness. ● Contains algae extract and honey (moisturizing ingredient) for smooth skin ● Cool and smooth skin tightening! ● Because it is a fine mist that can be used upside down, it can also be used for back care. ● Herbal green scent


【Notes】 ・ Should you have an abnormality such as a wound, swelling or rash, do not use. ・ Should you observe any abnormalities such as redness, swelling, itchiness and irritation during or after use in direct sunlight, it is recommended that you discontinue use and consult a dermatologist. If you continue to use cosmetics as it is, it may worsen.


Active ingredient: salicylic acid, allantoin Other ingredients: water, ethanol, sodium copper chlorophyllin, α-cyclodextrin, sage extract, seaweed extract (1), honey, seaweed extract (4), BG, citric acid, sage oil, Novara oil, polyoxyethylene Hardened sage oil, rosemary oil, Roman chamomile oil, Na hydroxide, paraben

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650-0046 6-13-1 Minatojima Nakamachi, Chuo-ku, Kobe City, Hyogo Prefecture