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Facial cleanser with elastic foam on soft and soft skin Cleansing FormⅠN: refreshing type. Use elastic foam to relax the skin softly while washing the skin softly. The elastic foam is washed quickly, while gently washing while caring for the skin. Collagen & Elastin Essence GL * is blended to give a refreshing skin feel after washing. While keeping it moisturized, it is organized into a state where the cosmetics to be used next time are easier to adapt. Comfortable aqua blue floral fragrance.


1. Wash your hands and moisturize your face. * If your hands are dirty, or if you leave a cleansing oil, the foam will be worse, so wash your hands with soap and then wash your face. 2. Take about 1cm of the product on the palm of your hand and spread it towards your hand as a whole. 3. Add a small amount of water or warm water several times, and draw air into it to make it foam. * Erect the elastic foam, even if the palm is turned upside down, it will not fall. 4. While wiping the foam off the skin, wash the entire face carefully to all corners. The entire face looks like a circle, especially the fat parts such as the forehead and nose, and use fingertips carefully. * The eyes are originally sensitive parts, so be gentle. 5. After that, rinse thoroughly with water or warm water for 1 minute. 6. Lightly press the water with a towel and gently dry it. * The hairline, corners of the eyes, nose wings, under the nose, under the chin, and lines on the face are easy to remain, so be careful.


・ Please be aware of any allergies such as damage, swelling, moisture, discoloration (white spots, etc.) or blackheads. If it is not suitable for your skin, please stop using it and consult a dermatologist. ・ Please close the lid properly after use. ・ Be careful not to get in your eyes. If it enters, please wash it away with water or warm water immediately. ・ Do not place in direct sunlight or high temperature. ・ When using the bathroom dryer, please do not put it in the bathroom. ・ Please keep out of reach of infants.


Water, stearic acid, PEG-8, myristic acid, K hydroxide, glycerin, lauric acid, ethanol, BG, glyceryl stearate (SE), polyquaternium-7, cocoylmethyl taurine Na, water-soluble collagen, hydrolyzed elastin, EDTA -2Na, DPG, Na benzoate, Phenoxyethanol, Fragrance

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