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SHISEIDO FWB Full Make Washable Base 35g

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Make-up base makeup and makeup remover, two effects can be achieved at the same time. In the morning, if it is applied before the usual makeup, it will be kept clean during the day. At night, only hot water can be used to remove the foundation and makeup. ○ Moisturize the skin and prevent it from drying out. With hyaluronic acid (moisturizing) ○ Gentle touch that quickly stretches onto the skin. No fragrance · Can be used on lips. You can wash off the overlapping makeup base with hot water. Make-up base makeup and makeup remover, two effects can be achieved by one application. In the morning, if it is applied before the usual makeup, it will be kept clean during the day, and it is only used at night. The foundation and makeup can be easily removed. As a base makeup, it can enhance makeup and moisturizing effects such as foundation and lipstick, and can slightly correct uneven skin. The makeup is done beautifully. At night, the makeup is lifted with hot water, and the makeup is removed! The product is also blended with hyaluronic acid (moisturizing). The allergy test is over.


1. Take the amount of 2 pearls. 2. Place a small amount on the cheeks around your eyes, around your eyes, on your chest, nose, and chin. * Cannot be applied to eyelashes. 3. Use your finger pad to spread it evenly so you don't forget to apply it. Makeup will be repeated around the eyes, so be sure to apply it well to the edges of your eyes. Don't forget the face line. Full make washable base is okay once it's familiar and dry. Make up your makeup with your usual foundation and point makeup.


◇ Be careful when using your skin with any allergies such as scratches, swelling, eczema, color loss (white spots etc.) and skin darkening. If it does not suit your skin, discontinue use and consult a dermatologist. ◇ If the amount is too small, it will be difficult to remove it with hot water, so be sure to use an appropriate amount. ◇ If the temperature of the hot water is low, it will be difficult to remove it. About 40 degrees is a guide. ◇ Mascara and eyebrow mascara do not fall off. ◇ It may be difficult to remove water proof type eyeliner and foundation with only hot water. In that case, please use the dedicated cleansing. ◇ Makeup may drop if you rub it while sweating. Wipe off to prevent sweat. ◇ Even with a water-proof type makeup, it may be easier to collapse than usual. ◇ As you cannot remove the dirt of sebum, please use the usual facial cleanser. ◇ If you have an allergies on your skin or if it does not suit your skin, discontinue use. ◇ Do not leave in direct sunlight or in high temperatures. ◇ After using, wipe the container mouth well and close the cap properly. ◇ If you do not use it for a long time, a transparent liquid may come out at the beginning, but there is no problem with the quality and effect.


Water, dimethicone, DPG, ethanol (methyl methacrylate / methacrylic acid (PEG-4 / PPG-3)) crosspolymer, polysorbate 60, sodium hyaluronate, microcrystalline wax, sorbitan stearate, polyvinyl alcohol, bentonite, glycerin, EDTA -3Na, dimethicone (isobutylene / Na maleate) copolymer, alumina, tocopherol, phenoxyethanol, sodium dehydroacetate, titanium oxide, iron oxide

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