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SHOWA Nice hand Smooth touch S size pearl pink 1 pair

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S Size


Easy-to-use gloves with vinyl chloride fleece lining. We have focused on the fleece area that comes into direct contact with the skin to create a soft and gentle texture. Japanese gloves that can be washed repeatedly and used for a long time. M size pink with soft fleece lining. The soft, soft and soft pile of the original pile has a fluffy, comfortable feel. The lining is treated with antibacterial deodorant to suppress the growth of bacteria on the fiber and suppress the generation of odor due to sweat. The fingertips, which are vulnerable to scratches, are reinforced by being dipped twice. Compared to general disposable gloves, it has a long length of 30 cm. Since it is a vinyl chloride glove, it is more resistant to detergents and oils than natural rubber gloves. It does not contain the protein that causes latex allergy. Recommended for cooking and cleaning.


·washing up. -Indoor / outdoor cleaning. ·easy work.


・ Itching, rash, rash, etc. may occur depending on your constitution due to allergic reaction. If you feel any allergies, stop using the product and consult a doctor. -Do not use for high concentration chemicals or solvents (gasoline, benzines) for a long time. It may harden. ・ Since vinyl is vulnerable to heat of 60 degrees or more, do not touch anything hot. -Be careful not to scratch the tip, blade or sharp object. This may cause water to soak. ・ Do not use for electrical work, as it may cause electric shock. ・ Do not use for cooking. ・ After use, thoroughly wash off the dirt and dry in the shade. Avoid direct sunlight when storing.


Front: vinyl chloride, back: cupra, rayon

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