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Virus shut out

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High quality plastic: handle clip is made of high quality plastic, air purification cards can be used for a long period of time. Mini Portable: This neck card in both mini and portable, you can carry. Scope: radius of 50 cm within with a focus on the wearer. Good quality: disinfection card is an indispensable item for families to go out. We hope that you and your family are need a safe and healthy. Practicality: a sterile card for the strap air, you can re-use for 30 days after opening. This is an environment protection, it can be used to effectively isolate the contamination from pollution. It gives you a healthy environment.


Remove the body, please use down from the neck with the supplied neck strap.


Expiration date: there are times when the expiration date is changed by about 30 days ※ use location and conditions after opening.


Chlorine dioxide generator (natural zeolite, sodium chlorite)

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Co., Ltd. Dong-industry, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo Soto-Kanda 2-5-12 0120-910-951