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Unimatriken Children s Lactic Acid Bacteria Calcium Chewable 90 Tablets

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Recommended for those people! ・ Person with irregular eating habits ・ For growing children ・ Those who are concerned about lack of calcium [Product details] ・ It is a chewable type tablet that can ingest delicious lactic acid bacteria, calcium, vitamin C, and vitamin D. -A yogurt-flavored tablet that can be enjoyed by people with a lack of calcium. -A chewable type nutritionally functional food that children can continue to enjoy. "Children Lactobacillus Calcium Chewable 90 Tablets" is a nutritionally functional food containing calcium, vitamin C and vitamin D. A chewable tablet with yogurt flavor that can be eaten as it is with lactic acid bacteria and calcium. It can be used by adults as well as children.


As a dietary supplement, take 3 tabelts daily as a guide and enjoy.


After opening, keep the zipper tightly closed and store it as soon as possible. Do not use if it does not fit your body. In rare cases, the color may change, but there is no problem with the quality. This product is not intended to cure illness or improve your health by ingesting a large amount of this product. Please keep your daily intake. Unlike foods for specified health uses, this product has not been individually reviewed by the Director General of Consumer Affairs Agency. The dietary habits are based on the staple food, the main dish, and the side dish.


Foods containing glucose, milk, etc. as main ingredients (lactose, whole milk powder, vegetable oils and fats, sweetened skimmed condensed milk, dextrin, etc.), maltose, lactic acid bacterium powder (bactericidal lactic acid bacteria, dextrin) / shell calcium, crystalline cellulose, citric acid, flavor, Vitamin C, calcium stearate, silicon dioxide, sweeteners (xylitol, aspartame / L-phenylalanine compound), vitamin D, seasonings (nucleic acid, etc.), (some include soybean / milk components)

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