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UYEKI Daniclin Mite Repellent Spray Deodorant & Sterilization 250ml

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"Danikurin deodorant sterilization type", a deodorant sterilization Plus! Difficult repellent in component reluctant of mite is the mite measures goods. ● futon and tatami, such as carpet or sofa only to zing and spray. Component reluctant of mites is hard to repel ticks. ● also consideration to safety, there is little irritation to the skin even with the bedding, was spray does not have any problem touching the mouth. ● those that your laundry such as bed sheets, about two or three times in your laundry, about a month effect if tatami and carpets will persist. ● kidnapping and finishing suppress the sticky feeling after spray.


1. lightly pretend the container 2. listed above the lid (Please close properly opened, the lid of the spray to the end.) 3. a distance of about 30cm and spray. (It is about 10 times per square meter is a guideline.) Usage guideline About 10 times the 1 m2 spray (about 20 times if the size of the single sheets)


Precautions · In addition to the above applications do not use. • The agent to something other than applications if it took Nikki wipe. • If this drug is applied to the skin wash away. · Sensitive person to influence is more anxious and smell to the skin, use from trying to spray on things like hand towels. • If you do not fit or if the smell is a concern to the skin, stop the use. And color fallen ones (new tatami or cloth ones, etc.), contraction easy ones (silk, rayon, etc.), which does not wash is, to use from the try in an inconspicuous location in advance. • When spraying is ventilation, inhale, be careful not to enter the eye. - Since there is a case to become a stain, do not spray in large quantities in the same location. After spraying the-tatami or carpet, because there is a case of flooring, etc. sticky this drug is attached to the legs and slippers, while not dry, walking, be careful not to allow anything. Children of out of reach, stored in a location that was away from direct sunlight. • Do not store in freezing or a location that will be used as a high temperature. **First aid** • If swallowed immediately to the treatment of such water to drink. - If the eyes immediately rinse with running water. • If the body to feel normal stop using it immediately. To consult a doctor to bring this product in any case. * There is a case in which the liquid is slightly yellow. The quality is not a problem. It does not remove all of the bacteria.


Aliphatic carboxylic acid esters, sugar cane extract, isopropyl methylphenol disinfectant

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