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Yamamoto Kanpo Pharmaceutical

Yamamoto Kanpo Pharmaceutical Fat Cleanse tea 10g*24 packets

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Diet Tea Bag for Weight Loss: Excellent tea bags for digestion helps maintain the health of your liver and kidney functions. It's effective to lower the blood sugar level & blood pressure, reduce fat absorption, enhance immune system and anti-aging 100% Organic Herb Formula: The weight control tea includes eucommia, beau bourg grass, barley, brown rice, tea, beans, tomorrow leaf, mulberry leaf, Gymnema leaf, green tea extract, and kelp. It works perfectly as weight loss tea bags for women and men that work fast Japanese Detox Tea Bag for Weight Control and Belly Fat: With various herbs, the detox cleanse tea bag can reduce the absorption of sugar and fat accumulation. The digestive tea herbal bags made in Japan is effective for people to lose weight Fat Cleanse Tea Bag from Japan: With the mixture of 11 herbs and special tea bag design, the loose tea bags taste like the barley tea. The calorie of the weight control tea bag consumed equals to 73 minutes of walk, 34 minutes of running, 27 minutes of rope jumping, or 59 minutes of dancing


Adjust the amount of water according to your preference. This product is a food, so you can enjoy it anytime. ○ When boiling in a kettle Put 1 bag in water or about 700cc-900cc of boiling water, simmer on a simmering heat for about 5 minutes, and divide into several times a day and drink. ○ For ice After simmering, boil it, replace it with a plastic bottle or water pot, put it in the refrigerator, and drink. ○ In case of cold water Put one bag in the water pot, pour about 800 cc of water, put it in the refrigerator and wait for about 2 hours to make cold water fat tea. It's even better overnight. ○ For Cius Put one bag into the teapot you are using and add the amount of hot water you want to drink. If you prefer a darker flavor, please slowly, and if you prefer a thinner flavor, please use the warm water to the bowl.


● Please use as soon as possible after opening. ● Please do not put powder directly in your mouth as it may clog your throat. ● Avoid storing the product in the refrigerator as it may damage the flavor. ● Do not make it as it is raw. ● This product contains Vitamin K, so if you are instructed to refrain from taking it, or if you are taking medicine or visiting the hospital, please consult your doctor or pharmacist. ● If you are unwell or have food allergies, please do not drink. ● If the body is affected, stop using it immediately. ● Since it is a natural raw material, there may be some differences in color and flavor, but there is no problem with quality. ● Please keep out of reach of children. ● Balance your diet based on staple foods, main dishes and side dishes.


Tochu leaf, hub tea, barley, brown rice, oolong tea, soybean, puer tea, mulberry leaf, licorice, green tea extract, kelp

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Yamamoto Kampo Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. Yamamoto Kampo Pharmaceutical Building, 3-17-1, Midori, Sumida-ku, Tokyo 130-0021, Japan