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[Exp: Feb-2023] FootMedi Instant Foot Peeling Spray (Calluses and Dead Skin Remover) - Orange 110ml [SSL]

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Foot Medi Foot Peeling Spray helps to clean the foot by removing impurities and dead keratins. It has a fresh orange fragrance and consists of tangerine oil and triple AHA heel cleansing ingredients. It is gentle to skin and highly effective, leaving the feet and heel clean and smooth.
The key ingredients complement each other:
1. Orange essential oil and tea extracts absorb sebum away
2. three AHA (Glycolic acid、Citric acid、Tartaric acid) and fruit extracts to soften the dead skin
3. Tea tree Essence & Scutellaria baicalensis Essence - Antibacteria and remove odor
4. Oolong Tea Essence- Adjust the balance of the amount of lipid in the skin, contain hight antioxidant, and to promote metabolism.
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