FANCL Visceral (Internal) Fat Fighter 90 Tablets (for 30 Days) [Ship from SG / 100% Authentic]

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FANCL Visceral (Internal) Fat Fighter 90 Tablets (for 30 Days)

What It Does

Visceral fat often parks itself around the midsection and causes fat accumulation in the liver and intestines. Gain healthy intestines is the first step to eliminate fat around the organs. Formulated with probiotics, FANCL Visceral Fat Fighter balances intestinal environment and thereby fighting against visceral fat. Stay away from fatty tummy and get your health back to its optimal state.
It is a supplement that helps reduce weight / body fat by supporting proper eating habits and proper exercise habits. Using acid-resistant capsules, it protects live lactic acid bacteria from stomach acid! It increases the concentration of short-chain fatty acids to improve the metabolic function and intestinal environment.

Directions for Use

3 capsules daily, to be taken after meals.

Ingredient List

N -acetylglucosamine (including shrimp, crab, domestic manufacturing), Bifidobacteria (starch, bifidobacterium dried native) (including milk), black jinger extract (black jinger extract, starch decomposition), edible eggshells. Powder (including eggs), milk tattle digital, edible oils and oils /hydroxypropylmethylcellulose, cyclic oligosaccharides, calcium stearate, sodium sodium alginate, sodium arginate, calcium carbonate, calcium carbonate phosphate.


*Consult your doctor before intake if you are taking medication, visiting the hospital regularly or pregnant .
*Do not consume this product if you are allergic to any of the ingredients.
*Consult your doctor if you are on medication, or undergoing doctor’s supervision.
*Avoid excessive consumption and consume only recommended daily dosage.

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