Are you self-sabotaging your skin by neglecting this step?

Some of you may have heard of the saying that not removing your makeup properly can make your skin looks worse.

This isn’t to alarm you for nothing, but not removing makeup thoroughly will lead to clogged pores and a series of skin problems, which will harm your appearance.

Removing makeup not only removes residual makeup left on your skin, it also removes sweat, sebum and impurities caused by air pollution. Thus, cleansing and removing make up is definitely the first step of taking care of your skin.

In fact, the principle behind makeup removal products is actually very simple, it is the use surfactants and oils to remove makeup residues. There are many types of makeup removers out in the market, and it is very important to choose a makeup remover that suits you.


Oil-based Makeup Remover

Cleansing strength: 5 / 5
Suitable for: People who wear heavy makeup, people with dry skin
Pros: It has the strongest makeup removal ability
Cons: It is relatively greasy and needs to be thoroughly emulsified, otherwise it easily leads to the growth of white heads and acne

    Water-based Makeup Remover

    Cleansing strength: 2 / 5
    Suitable for: People who wear light makeup, people with oily and combination skin
    Pros: It feels very refreshing to use
    Cons: It is weaker in makeup removal strength

    Cream-based Makeup Remover

    Cleansing strength: 4 / 5
    Suitable for: For those who value both cleansing strength and a product that feels pleasant to use, can be used for all skin types
    Pros: It moisturizes the skin while removing makeup, suitable for all skin types
    Cons: It requires emulsification and secondary cleansing

    Milk-based/Gel-based Makeup Remover

    Cleansing strength: 3 / 5
    Suitable for: For those who value both cleansing strength and a product that feels pleasant to use
    Pros: Similar to the cream-based makeup remover, but it feels more refreshing. It is suitable for the spring and summer
    Cons: It has insufficient makeup removal strength for waterproof cosmetic products

    Makeup Remover Wipes

    Cleansing strength: 2 / 5
    Suitable for: People who needs to remove makeup on the go
    Pros: It is convenient to use, can be used anytime, anywhere
    Cons: Cleansing strength is average, and requires a second cleansing

    Eye and Lip Makeup Remover

    Cleansing strength: 4 / 5
    Suitable for: Those who use heavy eye and lip makeup
    Pros: It removes makeup gently and effectively
    Cons: It increases the number of steps for makeup removal


    That’s for the main types of makeup removers! Up next, we will be introducing some of our favourite products to you! They are all carefully selected Japanese products, available in every type. You won’t go wrong by listening to us for this!


    Oil-based: ATTENIR Skin Clear Cleanse Oil (Peaceful Orange) 175ml 

    Made from natural plant extract and is exceptionally gentle, it puts your mind at ease while also being suitable for sensitive skin. It has a fresh and natural orange blossom scent.

    With a soft and light texture that is moist and smooth, it glides easily on your face, removing the makeup thoroughly with a slight massage. If you add warm water, it emulsifies faster, allowing the whole process to feel very light, very thorough, and after rinsing, it does not feel dry at all.

    Water-based: KOH GEN DO Cleansing SPA Water (Pump Head) 380ml

    Its most outstanding feature is being a “hot spring” makeup remover, allowing your skin to soak in a hot spring, which contains six herbal ingredients that soothe and refresh the skin. It is deeply nourishing, gentle, skin-friendly and hydrating while removing makeup.

    It uses a weakly acidic, no-rinsing required technology, that provides gentle cleansing, eliminating the need for secondary cleansing, and is convenient. It has a watery texture that is refreshing and pleasant.

    Cream-based: DUO The Cleansing Balm 90g

    It is a strong and moisturizing makeup remover that does not contain any irritants. It is super comfortable to apply on your face, mild, does not irritate your skin, and can also be used on sensitive skin. It has a strong cleansing ability, using nano-particles smaller than your pores to clean the pores, leading to deep and effective cleaning of the impurities in the pores.

    With long-term use, your skin will become smoother and more translucent. There are other options from this brand, that provide a different kind of luxurious experience and texture for you.

    Milk-based: HACCI Brightening & Moisturizing Cleansing Milk with Honey Milk 190ml

    The HACCI brand has a certain charm that makes those who use their products to fall in love with it. This makeup remover features natural honey ingredients, contains over 85% beauty essence ingredients and is suitable for any skin type. In addition to removing makeup, it plays a role in skincare as well.

    It is white with a thick, milky and light texture that does not lead to any tightness after removing makeup. It is moisturizing without being too greasy, and in fact, it is a little refreshing. After rinsing it off, it feels as though every pore is able to breathe.

    Milk-based: AMPLEUR Luxury White Cleansing Milk 200ml

    On top of basic makeup removal, AMPLEUR Luxury White Cleansing Milk also cleanses and nourishes the skin, which means it is a multifunctional product that is a cleanser, makeup remover and skincare product all at once.

    After applying the cleansing milk, it will slowly dissolve the makeup on your face. After massaging for about 3-5 minutes, the old dead skin cells and loose blackheads can be washed out.

    It is especially suitable for sensitive skin to deeply cleanse the skin, which is an effect that other makeup removers may not be able achieve.

    Gel-based: Nursery Yuzu Make Up & UV Cleansing Gel 180ml

    The Nursery Yuzu Make Up & UV Cleansing Gel is suitable for any skin type. After removing makeup, it does not feel dry or irritating for the skin, and instead feels smooth and firm. It has a gel texture with a fresh, sweet and light yuzu scent.

    It is made from freshly picked yuzu fruits, alongside an appropriate amount of essential oils, to ensure that removing makeup does not lead to dryness, and those with sensitive skin can also confidently use it.

    Wipes: KOH GEN DO Cleansing SPA Water Cloths 10 sheet 

    To those who are particular about the texture of any product, you can check out this makeup remover wipes! It is delicately crafted with 100% organic cotton that feels thick. It is soft and gentle to your skin, and does not easily deform when pulled. It is one of the softest makeup remover wipes in the market.

    The wipes consist mainly of hot spring water to gently remove makeup, and are formulated with birch bark or leaf extracts and other softening ingredients to ensure that the skin will not be too dry and tight after use. It can easily remove everyday makeup and sunscreen.

    The size of the wipes is quite large, close to the size of half an A4 paper, where one sheet is sufficient to remove makeup from the face and neck completely, which is highly practical.

    Eye & Lip: Bifesta Eye Makeup Remover 145ml

    A brand that everyone is familiar with, Bifesta’s eye makeup remover combines moisturizing and cleansing ingredients, to gently and quickly remove the layers of waterproof makeup. It can quickly and easily remove makeup, waterproof mascara and eyeliner with ease.

    It contains natural deep ocean water combined with vitamins B and E, which bring a dual moisturizing effect, nourish eyelashes and the skin around the eyes that is prone to dryness, to give the eyes a gentle and refreshing sensation.

    Removing makeup is a very important step in the skincare process. 

    That’s all for today! Removing makeup is a very important step in the skincare process. I hope everyone pays close attention to it, and choose a makeup remover that suits you, one that is gentle and effective enough for you.

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