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The list of possibilities for Christmas gifting is endless, but let face the reality: few things scream self-care like a good pampering session courtesy of a well-curated Christmas gift from Osakakuma.
After all, who would not want to get that fancy skincare product or use a great product on themselves? There is always something extra special and intimate about starting or ending the day with a good skincare product your loved one got you. Plus, it is practical, too - you have to take care of your skin and health, people.
There is also something on this list for everyone, whether they are trying to hydrate, brighten or bust blemishes. If you truly want to treat your’s - or somebody else’s - skin, these products make it easy to brighten up someone’s face (literally) for the coming year 2022. Here are some of our favourite skincare gifts this Christmas.
  1. SK-II Facial Treatment Essence
SK-II’s Facial Treatment Essence needs little introduction; it has after all been dubbed “Miracle Water” for its ability to bring even the dullest skin back to life with the proprietary PITERA. The formulation of this cult favourite might have remained unchanged for more than 40 years, but that has not stopped SK-II from reimagining its iconic bottles for the festive season.
We all love a great face mask, don’t we? Whether it is a peel-off mask, a rinse-off mask, or a classic sheet mask, there is a mask for every skin type, mood, and day of the week. Sometimes, it may be hard to figure out which masks are worth your money or make a great Christmas gift.
That is why I am recommending BB Labo (as it is called in Japan), a cosmeceutical brand that uses active ingredients aimed at skin’s cellular recovery. All of the masks from BB Labo are formulated with placental extracts, which are obtained by lysing placental tissues. But it is not the same as stem cells - placental extracts do not contain cells but are rich in a wide range of proteins, minerals, amino acids, and steroid hormones that help reduce skin-developed flaws due to inflammatory issues. When apply topically, products with placental extracts are nourishing, anti-inflammatory and filled with antioxidants that help the skin self-repair - exactly what you will benefit from using BB Labo’s masks.
What’s more? These masks can tighten and rejuvenate skin, reduce redness, help equalise skin colour and texture, and lastly, help attain a uniform complexion.
Now, if you are worried about where the placenta comes from (or whose it is) because the word "placenta" gives you pause, that is totally fair. The placental extracts in BB Labo’s masks are sourced from high-quality animal sources such as sheep that have successfully given birth. The discarded placenta is harvested, purified and processed into a skin-compatible product (like the masks).
  1. Hollywood Cosmetics
Enzyme-based facial treatments, the Japanese beauty ritual once available only in Japan spas, are getting more accessible - and fun. Case in point: Hollywood Cosmetics is a Japanese skincare brand that uses proteolytic enzymes in all of its products to break down all the dead skin and impurities deep within the pores.
Their star products, Orchid Mask & Orchid Pick-Up Cream, work much like the at-home versions of the enzyme-based treatments you get at the spas, but Hollywood Cosmetics has made the treatments more user-friendly and less messy, thanks to the cup container.
Unlike most DIY masks, which require you to stir your concoction like a chemist (inevitably splashing formula everywhere in the process), to activate the enzyme powders, simply dispense the Pick-Up Cream into powder to congeal into the rubbery texture you apply to your face. The masks are also drip-proof so you do not have to worry about getting the product onto your clothes. Once it dries, simply take the given spatula to remove the excess before rinsing it off entirely to reveal glowing skin.
  1. K-Palette
We all have that one friend or sister who would greatly appreciate a gift of the makeup variety, which can make it difficult to pick the right shade or product that suits their skin. With so many different types of makeup products out there, it makes shopping so much harder. However, if she is an eyeliner addict, you are in luck. Osakakuma has assembled a pretty epic list of liners from K-Palette that any cat-eye master of the bunch would love to unwrap this Christmas season. Whether she (or you) choose to go classic, glam, or natural, show your support for her growing makeup addiction with a liner or two under the tree.
One of the most famous liquid eyeliners has to be the 1Day Tattoo Real Last Eyeliner from the Japanese drugstore brand, K-Palatte. Most eyeliner addicts have probably seen this range of products hanging on the shelves everywhere because the red packaging is so outstanding. Although the brand uses “Tattoo” term for their eyeliners, do not be fooled as it is not permanent like a tattoo. It lasts well throughout the day, but it does come off fully with a good makeup remover (P.S.: I recommend Sekkisei Treatment Cleansing Oil from Kose).
This is also one of those makeup brands that most cat-eye masters can depend on as it performs consistently and does exactly what it claims on the packaging:
  • Long-Lasting (even through outdoor activities)
  • Water-Resistant (1.5x more coating ingredients)
  • Easy to Draw
  • Super Black with Matte Finish
  • Dries Quickly
  • A formula that is incredibly buildable
Another key selling factor for K-Palatte eyeliners is that it contains 7 nourishing ingredients and they are:
  • Panthenol - a form of Vitamin B5, used as moisturiser and lubricating compound.
  • Ceramide NP, AP & EOP - replenish skin’s natural lipids, strengthening its protective barrier.
  • Water Soluble Collagen - a humectant to keep skin hydrated.
  • Succinoyl Atelocollagen - highly purified form of collagen that maintains skin elasticity.
  • Hydrolyzed Collagen - hydrates the skin and penetrates easily with its low molecular weight form.
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