J-Beauty Cult Product - DUO The Cleansing Balm

Go deeper with Osakakuma this week as we share essential tips on how to elevate your skincare rituals, starting with step one: first cleanser.

Melt away oil-based impurities like blackheads, sebum, city grime, makeup and sunscreen with the gentle, sorbet-soft DUO The Cleansing Balm, the first step of the double cleanse method.

Scoop a dime-sized amount of DUO The Cleansing Balm onto dry hands or face. Gently massage the balm into your skin in circular motions, including around your eyes to dissolve even the boldest eye makeup. Pause for a few seconds (or minutes as a facial mask) to let your skin soak in the balm’s hydrating and nourishing ingredients.

Add lukewarm water to emulsify the balm… This is when the cleansing magic happens! Rinse thoroughly with water before moving on to the second step in your skincare ritual.

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