Osakakuma is Singapore's first Japanese multi-brand skincare specialty store, offering a wide range of hot-selling and the most reputable Japanese brands and products directly from our office and warehouse in Osaka, Japan, 100% authentic guaranteed.

We believe that you can exude beauty naturally from the inside out. That's why we embrace the Japanese skincare philosophy of maintaining a consistent daily skincare and healthcare regime, to nourish and protect the skin, rather than simply covering up imperfections.

Our product selection reflects this philosophy, with gentle yet effective ingredients and superior formulations that work to promote healthy skin from the inside out.

Take control of your skincare with our powerful products – perfect for brightening, anti-aging, tackling hyperpigmentation and other skin concerns, also safe for long-term use!

So why wait? Come and discover more!

Our Promise

Most Reputable Brands

Based on extensive customer research, we have narrowed our skincare offering to only the hot-selling, most reputable Japanese skincare products directly from Osaka, Japan - 100% authenticity guaranteed.

Powerful Ingredients, Safe Formulation

Osakakuma product selection contains superior formulations and gentle yet effective ingredients that work to promote healthy skin from the inside out, safe for long-term use.

100% Authentic from Japan

Our products are directly sourced from our office and warehouse in Osaka, Japan. We fly in the carefully chosen skincare range directly from Japan to your doorstep.