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&honey Melty Moist Series

This lightweight haircare range from &honey will make you feel like a celebrity from the comfort of your own home. Not only will it leave your hair smoother and manageable, this product will also help give your hair a healthy shine. The Melty Moist Series is is made with blend of 3 types of honey - Manuka Honey 60%, Rose Honey 20%, and Domestic Raw Honey 20%, perfect to tame unruly frizzy hair.


&honey Deep Moist Series

Deeply hydrating, moisture-sustaining hair care with a luxurious blend of honey! &honey is designed to ensure optimal hydration by focusing on the moisture balance of the hair. Did you know it also provides an elevated level of hydration in existing conditioners reducing the drying time required after shampooing. &honey’s unique blend of 3 types of honey, along with shea butter and soy protein are volumizing, moisturizing, and protective - making it the perfect every day essential for your frizzy hair.
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