Mummy Must-haves: 7 Life-changing Japanese Household Items to Speed Up Chores

By Kuma-san, May 2022

Aside from high-performance skincare and illustrious makeup, Japan is also famous for its household items. “Innovative” and “life-changing” are their usual synonyms as they turn the most difficult chores into easy-breezy tasks.

Having such products is essential for mums who have to juggle unpredictable children and keeping the house in tip-top condition.
For busy mothers out there, here are 7 genius Japanese household items to make your everyday chores effortless: 

KOBAYASHI Toilet Cleaner Gel

Cleaning the toilet bowl is not a glamorous task, and it’s completely valid if you always try to put it off. The problem, though, is that the longer you leave it on your to-do list, the harder it gets to clean.

That’s where KOBAYASHI’s Toilet Cleaner Gel comes into play — it ejects cleaning gel in an adorable flower shape, which cling onto the surface of the toilet bowl. Now, every time you flush, these flower-cleaners will minimise water stains while also spreading a pleasant scent. 
Why it’s life-changing: Compared to deep cleaning your toilet bowl with the usual liquid cleaner every week, this decreases the number of times you need to scrub your bowl.
Available in refreshing Forest Flora, fragrant Pink Rose, and aromatic Potpourri.

KOBAYASHI Lingerie Detergent Fragrance

Every woman knows the pain of having an unfortunate stain accident happen around the time of the month. Especially when they dirty your favourite undergarments.

However, KOBAYASHI’s handy Lingerie Detergent Underwear Soap Fragrance will give you a peace of mind. Highly efficacious, this is a fragrant soap that easily removes blood stains and secretions in less than thirty minutes. 
Why it’s life-changing: Unlike harsh bleaches, this lingerie soap will not cause any damage to your precious fabrics and would not leave strange white patches.

LION Top Fabric Stain Remover

Stains on clothing are a common occurrence — it could be from the hearty meal of spaghetti, pen marks from naughty children, or meeting between your foundation and shirt. Whatever it is, they are stubborn blemishes that take ages to remove… Unless you have LION Top Fabric Stain Remover on hand!

Think of it as an eraser for your fabrics. A high performance cleaning liquid is encased within the squeeze bottle, allowing you to remove stains without breaking a sweat. 

Why it’s life-changing: The stain remover is in a handy and portable bottle, allowing you to remove stains anytime, anywhere! 

KOKUBO Waste Cooking Oil Hardening Powder

The worst part of cooking? Having to wash pots and pans coated in oil. It seems like hours go by before the utensils feel non-greasy to the touch. This arduous task is made less burdensome with KOKUBO’s Waste Cooking Oil Hardening Powder.

As its name suggests, this unassuming powder coagulates cooking oil, turning it into a jelly-like substance that is easy to dispose. Say goodbye (or sayonara) to endless scrubbing and scratched kitchenware! 
Why it’s life-changing: While the powder works its magic, you can clean up the rest of the utensils. 

HAKUGEN Non Smell 1 Year Fridge Deodorizer

By nature of what the fridge stores, it is inevitable that it starts to have a stale, unpleasant smell through the years. This is especially in the vegetable and freezer compartments which store fresh produce and frozen meats.

But the pungent scent of garlic, scallions and raw meat can easily be defeated with HAKUGEN’s Fridge Deodorizer. Promising effective odour removal for up to one year, it utilises charcoal to absorb stench, reverting your fridge to its pristine odourless. 

Available for the freezer compartment and vegetable drawers

Why it’s life-changing: The vegetable room deodorizer delays the aging of vegetables while the freezer deodorizer prevents odours from settling on your ice cubes.

HAKUGEN Dehumidifiers 

Drawers, closets and rooms that are filled with invisible water droplets are a breeding ground for mould. Worse still, it might cause the items stored within to smell musty.

HAKUGEN’s dehumidifiers have a long-lasting drying effect that sucks up moisture to ensure that no mould, fungi or bacteria will grow. The perfect addition for a crisp, deodorised home. 

Available in leak-resistant bags suitable for closets and drawers, along with dehumidifier packs for larger room areas. 

Why it’s life-changing: Clothes left in humid areas have the chance of discolouring. These easy-to-use dehumidifiers lock in moisture and keep it away from your treasured pieces.

KAO Washing Machine Inner Tank Sterilizing & Deodorizing Cleansing Powder

Did you know that washing machines can accumulate water stains and mould too? They are usually found in unsuspecting areas at the back of the tank. If left unattended, they can transfer onto your garments. KAO’s Washing Machine Inner Tank Cleansing Powder ensures that your washing machine always produces clean and pleasant-smelling laundry by thoroughly wiping away residual dirt. 

Why it’s life-changing: This powerful foam cleanser is able to clean out any bacteria that might clog the inner mechanisms of your washing machine, ensuring its high performance in the long run. 

Make your everyday chores effortless

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