Indulge in Sophisticated Fragrances at the Comfort of Your Own Home

Are you someone who enjoy different scents and fragrances, especially in your own homes?

Today, I would like to recommend to you this brand — Laundrin. It is a brand that strives for healing, even within a lifestyle that is busy and hectic, becoming not just a perfumer, but a perfumer for life itself.

Similarly, today’s people lead very busy and hectic lifestyles, and achieving happiness amidst this lifestyle, is our greatest goal. Laundrin integrates fragrance techniques into good household items.

The products they have launched are not only guaranteed to be high quality, but also aesthetically pleasing to the eye, becoming products that have been highly sought after by many people.

We’ll be sharing with you two types of products from Laundrin, both of which have won the first place in the @cosme award. Do check them out if they interest you!

Laundry Softeners

Have you ever noticed that whenever your clothes are washed, they are always stiff after drying and not sufficiently soft? Perhaps they end up smelling strongly of laundry detergent, feels rough when you wear them, end up with lint due to friction and static, and even deform or shrink?

In fact, washing clothes is not as simple as just washing them clean, maintaining the texture of clothes is just as important. Thus, the natural way to approach to this problem is the two-step approach of laundry detergent, followed by softener. So firstly, I would like to recommend the laundry softener from Laundrin.

Since its launch in 2013, this softener has won the top three @cosme Awards three times and won the Hall Award in 2018. Its status in the Japanese household product industry cannot be underestimated.

Laundrin’s key feature is that its ingredients are all natural and organic, so it is particularly gentle, and even baby's clothes at home can also be washed with it. It contains organic sage extract and organic thyme extract, which is not only antibacterial and clean, but also removes odor while being gentle to skin, and prevents static when the weather is dry.


Another feature of Laundrin’s laundry softener is the sophisticated fragrance it has. Its fragrance is prepared by professional perfumers, and like perfume, it has top, middle and base notes.

Here are 2 of the softeners:

Laundrin Laundry Softener (Classic Fiore) 600ml

Top notes: Lychee, Blackcurrant, Leafy
Middle notes: Rose, Jasmine, Muguet, Geranium
Base notes: Musk, Cedar, Patchouli

This laundry softener allows people to experience the fruity fragrance that is accompanied by the rich rose and jasmine scent, that similar to its pink-colored bottle, feels quite charming and lovely.

Laundrin Laundry Softener (Classic Floral) 600ml

Top notes: Peach, Apple
Middle notes: Rose, Jasmine, Muguet
Base notes: Musk, Cedar, Balsamic, Woody

A classic scent that many products tend to carry, it is a unique scent that has many layers in its fragrance. It has a soft and warm floral fragrance that makes people feel relaxed.

Overall, Laundrin’s laundry softener enhances the experience of doing laundry chores, with every laundry brings you a happy experience.

Fabric Mists

Next, we will be introducing the fabric mists from Laundrin, which are also very practical products to have and have also won the @cosme award. Laundrin’s products are definitely a must-have.

In the summer, it is easy for you to sweat, which will produce an unpleasant odor, and perhaps if you often go out to eat hot pot and barbecue, it is easy to get strong smells on your body, which can annoy you.

These situations can be easily resolved by Laundrin’s Fabric Refresher Mists. It can remove and disperse odors, leaving a mild fragrance. It is a bottle that redefines fragrance sprays, and solves your worries.

Not only does it remove odors, it also has an antibacterial effect of up to 99.99%. It lasts for 48 hours. You can spray it on the bed, wardrobe, sofa, clothes and shoes at home, and it comes with 2 variations, the Classic Fiore and the Classic Floral.

Laundrin Fabric Refresher Mist (Classic Fiore) 370ml

Top notes: Lychee, Blackcurrant, Leafy
Middle notes: Rose, Jasmine, Muguet, Geranium
Base notes: Musk, Cedar, Patchouli

It has a fruity and floral fragrance, yet it is not too sweet, giving a soothing freshness.

Laundrin Fabric Refresher Mist (Classic Floral) 370ml

Top notes: Peach, Apple
Middle notes: Rose, Jasmine, Muguet
Base notes: Musk, Cedar, Balsamic, Woody

It has a fruity and floral fragrance that energizes you, while the woody fragrance at the end adds a calm and elegant finish. An aroma worthy of being a classic fragrance.

It is a must-have item at home. Besides the aforementioned benefits, it also has a remarkable bottle design that looks good in your own home.

That’s all for now, and if you would like to enhance your home and clothes, you might as well try these products from Laundrin. Infuse fragrance into your home and improve your mood today! You can buy them here at OSAKAKUMA, so feel free to shop now!

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