6 Super Popular Japanese Dietary Supplements to Help Target Weight Concerns

By Kuma-san, 20 April 2022

As many employees are pulling longer hours at work and experiencing higher work stress levels than before, being overworked means excessive sitting, irregular and unhealthy diet, which can lead to weight gain.

As such, we become EVEN more stressed as we now need to find a way to get rid of that extra weight. We also know that fad diets and “miracle slimming" pills do not work but we are also too tired to find time to work out and eat healthy.

This is why Japanese dietary supplements are so popular among the locals. They are basically dieting hacks where you don’t have to sacrifice your favourite meals and these supplements will aid in digestion and prevent your body from absorbing excess carbs and sugar!

If you are concerned about the safety of Japanese dietary supplements, you’ll be glad to know that Japan’s strict safety standards and commercial regulations ensure that products are safe, pure, and regulated.

Read on further to find out how these Japanese dietary supplements can help you target your weight concerns, and to become a beautiful and healthier you!

Increasing Vegetable Intake

Yamamoto Kanpo Omega 3 Young Barley Grass Powder is a staple supplement in Japan for people looking to improve bowel movement, increase vegetable intake, and shed a few kilos. It contains 100% pure young barley grass powder which provides an ample nutritional intake of vegetables for those who do not eat enough or like vegetables.

Moreover, it is now enriched with Omega 3 fatty acids which have decades of research on health impacts such as anti-inflammatory properties, lowering cholesterol and blood pressure, and reducing the risk of heart diseases.

Reducing Water Retention

Ever had one of those days when you feel sluggish, your rings are tight and your heels somehow don’t fit? You could be suffering from water retention.

Water retention refers to the situation when excess fluids build up inside the body. The medical term is ‘edema’ and it either occurs all over your body (generalised edema) or only in particular areas (localised edema). It is not unusual for women to experience it before they get their period or during pregnancy.

If a cup of green juice is not your cup of tea (no pun intended), you might consider checking out the Yamamoto Corn Silk Tea, a sugar-free and zero-calorie tea that aims to reduce any bloatedness and water retention.

Otherwise, consider Diet Maru - Reduce Edema EX which uses a natural potent diuretic agent, Corn Silk, which eliminates water retention by helping to flush sodium and excess water out of your body.

Improving Digestion

Been facing digestive problems and poor gut health for the longest time? If the usual dosage of the regular Shinya Koso enzyme supplement is not doing it for you, it is time to go extra strength with the Daily Digestion Enzyme Advanced (Gold Variety), which has twice the strength. This is also Shinya Koso’s best-selling variant, suitable for heavy eaters or carb lovers, as well as men!

Boosting Metabolism Rate

ISDG Night Diet Enzyme Supplement is for anyone who unconsciously overeat at night. We tend to overeat from time to time, especially as a reward to our tired bodies after a long day. However, this is hard work for the enzymes within our bodies, and the fat burning process is unable to perform at full capacity. 

This supplement is perfect for busy modern men and women who do not have spare time, making effective use of their sleeping time. It is a nice supplement with four kinds of amino acids which act as support for the enzymes, and help encourage the metabolic process by speeding up the body's fat-burning rate while asleep.

Regulating Bowel Movement

Dokkan Aburadasu Premium is a great source of dietary fibers that help stimulate bowel movement and excretion. It contains a blend of 47 vegetables and 17 enzymes as well as probiotics to help support digestive occasional constipation and provide gentle internal cleansing to eliminate toxins in the colon.

Taking up to 6 tablets every night before bed may assist with bloating and can truly cleanse your body to deliver the fresh start you are craving for.

Even if your goal is not to lose weight, this product may make you feel energised and reinvigorated from within. You are only as healthy as what you put into your body, after all!

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