Quick and Easy Eye Care Tips You Can Do at Home

By Kuma-san, 29 April 2022

Real talk: how many of us prioritise our eyes when we think about self-care?

Its overlooked status is rather unfortunate (and worrying!) given how tirelessly this organ works for us.

Caring for your eyes and the eye area is especially important for those who stare at screens religiously. It is the best way to fight eye fatigue and to ensure that pesky fine lines are kept at bay.

Here are some top tips on how to keep your eye area in tip-top condition:

Reduce Strain with 5-min Eye Exercises

Aside from the usual “take-break-from-screens” and “stare-at-greenery” advice, it is useful to incorporate easy eye exercises into our daily routine. They boost eye strength and help with eye comfort so that you feel less strain at the end of the day. The best exercises take less than five minutes and can be done anywhere, even during your toilet breaks! There are two simple exercises that fulfil these criteria:

  • Move your eyes in a clockwise direction 20 times and try to create a circle as wide as you can. Relax for 10 seconds, then repeat in an anti-clockwise direction. Repeat this exercise three times a day.

  • Hold your thumb about 25cm away from your face and focus on it for 15 seconds. After, focus on an item about 4 metres away for 15 seconds. Repeat this focus exercise five times.

Boost Eye Health with Supplements

Just like the supplements we take for our bodily health, eye supplements are helpful as they ensure that we receive all the vitamins required for optimal eye health. Certain supplements also aid in relieving ailments, such as eye stress or tension, while others target eye-area concerns, such as wrinkles and eye bags.

OSAKAKUMA recommends:
  • FANCL Blueberry Eyes Supplements for those who spend long hours focusing on screens, fine print and walls of text. Made with bilberry and blackcurrant extracts, it relieves tensions in the eye for comfortable vision.

Attain Youthful Vibrance with Serums

As the saying goes, your eyes are the windows to your souls… But also to your complexion! Dark circles, hollowed skin and fine lines could make you appear more tired or older than you actually are.

The key to maintaining an energetic and bright complexion could very well lie in including nourishing eye essences in your routine. They can plump and tighten your eye area for a youthful vibrance.

OSAKAKUMA recommends:
  • SK-II Genoptics Under Eye Circle Eye Essence 20ml for those looking to tackle the whole host of eye area concerns. Formulated with SK-II’s signature PITERA, this efficacious and lightweight essence brightens undereye shadows, plumps up skin, and smooths fine textures.

Reduce Appearance of Fine Lines with Eye Masks

Think sheet masks, but specifically made for your eyes. That means concentrated and more targeted formulations that solve skin worries under the eyes. Ensuring that this area is well-nourished is important as it can delay the appearance of wrinkles. Best of all, they are a treat to pop on after a tiring day of eye-use.

OSAKAKUMA recommends:

  • AXXZIA Beauty Eyes Essence Sheet for those looking to brighten the undereye area. Ultra-thin and comfortable, this eye mask is drenched in essence that adds an instant glow.

Massage Your Eyes to Relieve Stress

Eye massages are great pick-me-ups for your eye area, and can produce long-lasting effects if done regularly. Similar to eye exercises, the best massages should be easily implemented into your daily lives and not take up too much time. Here are two massage techniques well-worth your minutes:
  • Using your ring finger, gently tap in a circle around your eyes. Tapping brings blood flow to the area.
  • Use your thumbs and press firmly for five seconds above the inner corner of your eye. This helps to release stress.

Give your eyes some TLC today!

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