Boost your confidence with Shinya Koso Enzymes!

Introducing the new age of digestive active enzymes from Shinya Koso.
With Shinya Koso, you may reap benefits such as having better nutrient absorption from your daily food intake, an improved bowel system and having better gut health.


The original range (pictured left) is suitable for everyone of all ages! If you are someone who takes light to normal meals everyday with less carbohydrates, this is your go-to range as it works to breakdown carbs and fats from your food, and helps your body absorb nutrients better!


The Oomori Turmeric range (pictured third from left) is suitable for alcohol-lovers as it contains ingredients such as ginger and turmeric that helps effectively breakdown alcohol while protecting your liver from damage and may prevent hangovers.


The Gold (pictured second from left) and Black (pictured right) variants are perfect for the big eaters and carb lovers. It is a must-have during the festive season with all the feasting, partying and drinking.


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