Life Isn't Perfect, But Your Hair Can Be!

By: Alicia

You’ve probably heard your friend complaining of a ‘bad hair day’ or watching them hide their hair with a cap because of how messy it is. Our hair is an important part of our appearance and it can really make or break your day!

When you enter a drugstore in Japan, you’ll be surprised at the boundless variety of hair care products and brands. They take their hair care seriously and there are shampoos for nearly every hair condition! This is because with the right hair care products and proper grooming, a good crown of hair can really ramp up your overall look. 

There are a number of Japanese hair care products with unique ingredients, but here are some of the most popular ones!

ONSENSOU Hot Spring Algae Scalp Care Conditioner 300ml and ONSENSOU Hot Spring Algae Scalp Care Shampoo (Refreshing Edition) 300ml

For those who have sensitive skin and scalp

Algae in your shampoo?! It may sound strange, but the ONSENSOU Hot Spring Algae Scalp Care series contains a patented and efficacious formula of hot spring algae from Beppu. More than 90% of the bottle’s content is made of natural ingredients and the Japanese hot spring algae extract protects the scalp from damage caused by ultraviolet rays and chemicals. 

Not only is it excellent in cleaning and oil control, but it also has maintenance effects by deeply nourishing the hair. It is specially designed for healthy hair, oily scalp, thinning and flat hair, and instantly helps you achieve fuller hair volume.

cr: official brand

Comparison after two weeks of use. The effect varies from person to person.

The shampoo contains dipotassium glycyrrhizate, an ingredient that moisturises the scalp, preventing dryness, dandruff and itching. This is this a fitting option for people with sensitive hair and scalp.


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The shampoo has a gel-like, transparent texture while the conditioner has an opaque, smoother texture. It has a gentle and fresh scent of flowers and fruits! After washing, you’ll notice that your hair is super soft and airy on the top of your head and doesn’t grease or stick to your scalp. 

SHISEIDO Rosarium Rose Shampoo RX 300ml or SHISEIDO Rosarium Rose Conditioner RX 300ml

For those who want to have nice-smelling hair

Rose extract is a highly popular ingredient in hair care products, more so in Japan! Who doesn’t want to smell like they just came straight out of a luxurious rose petal bath? The Rosarium Rose Shampoo by SHISEIDO is a relaxing shampoo with a rose aroma that gently and thoroughly cleanses the hair and scalp while preserving its moisture.

The rose fragrance lasts for a whole day after washing, so you might not even need a perfume! It also contains amino essence to repair hair damage and cuticles, especially dry hair strands at the bottom. 

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The shampoo has a viscous texture that is a little pink in colour. It foams quickly and produces a rich lather that helps you achieve smooth and silky hair! The conditioner is relatively lightweight and provides even more smoothening afterwards.

Moist Diane Miracle You Damage Repair Shampoo 450ml and Moist Diane Miracle You Damage Repair Treatment 450ml

For those with coloured or damaged hair

Moist Diane is the number one selling silicone-free shampoo in Japan, focusing on the dual combination of Moroccan essential oil × beauty keratin technology. There’s a reason why it’s so popular, and it’s because Moist Diane provides a satisfying and pleasant washing experience for women’s hair. 

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The Moist Diane Miracle You Damage Repair Shampoo and Conditioner uses Organic Ghee Oil that restores lustre in your hair. These super-rich ingredients repairs the fragility and breakage of hair caused by dyeing and perming. It has a cuticle coat that seals split-ends, and smoothens damaged and frizzy hair. It also contains a naturally-derived antioxidant that forms a protective shield around the hair to prevent fading of hair colour caused by prolonged exposure to the sun and frequent washing.

cr: 早安叶大希

The shampoo has a transparent gel-like texture with a fruity fragrance mixed with floral fragrance. Meanwhile, the conditioner has a smoother, opaque consistency.

Kumano Yushi Seasonal Tsubaki Shampoo 600ml and Kumano Yushi Seasonal Tsubaki Conditioner 600ml

For those who want salon-smooth hair daily

Tsubaki, or Camellia oil, is another classic ingredient in Japanese haircare. Tsubaki (Japanese Camellia) oil series uses essential oils to repair your permed, dry and faded hair. The fresh camellia scent will leave you feeling fresh and pleasant all day long, and the highly moisturising ingredients will keep your hair soft and smooth. 

cr: official brand

Kumano Yushi is a Japanese brand that has always adhered to the concept of “health” and “no additives”. Its weak acidity and silicone-free formula protects the moisture of your hair and scalp for smooth and glossy hair.

Some things in our everyday lives may cause damage to our hair without us even realizing it, such as the friction of your hair rubbing against your pillow at night, sun exposure, harshly air-conditioned rooms, or even tying up your hair! This Kumano Yushi Seasonal Tsubaki series contains hair-repairing ingredients that coat the surface of your hair and protect it from such daily damage.

SkinkoQ Anti-Pollution Hair Oil Sweet Bloom 50ml

For those who need a quick fix


Hair care doesn’t stop at just shampoo and conditioner! There are other ways you can care for your hair and give it the extra nourishment it needs, such as with hair oils and mists! This ShinkoQ Anti-Pollution Hair Oil is a blessing for those who simply can’t find time to stop by the salon but need a quick fix.

It is a hair oil that contains glycofilm, a specially-developed ingredient that adds a protective ingredient to keep the hair away from pollution and dye damage. Hydrolyzed silk protein is also added to instantly replenish nutrition and increase gloss. Put it in your bag and use it anytime, anywhere.  

Loretta Base Care Oil 120ml

For those who have frizzy hair


This Loretta Base Care Oil is a product used in many high-end Japanese salons. It contains damask rose essential oil, has a transparent and lightweight texture, and is very effective for dry hair. If your hair still gets frizzy even after applying conditioner, you should try applying hair oil on damp hair. It lessens the frizz and smooths out the hair! 

Oshima Tsubaki Hair Water (Pure Camellia Oil) 180ml

Tsubaki oil makes a second appearance in this blogpost! Yes, it is just that good for your hair. Tsubaki Oil also comes in a hair mist, such as this Oshima Tsubaki Hair Water harvested from 100% natural camellia.

It absorbs quickly into hair, providing quick moisture to damaged hair. If your hair often gets all over the place due to the hot and humid weather, try giving it a few sprays with this mist!

Hair care is an everyday effort

Grooming hair isn’t easy and bad hair days come and go, but if you’re consistent in caring for your hair with conditioner, hair masks, and hair oil, your effort will pay off! With these affordable Japanese hair care products, you can also save money on going to the salon for monthly treatments! 


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