Types of Japanese Drugstore Masks

By: Alicia

Japanese drugstores carry a plethora of innovative beauty products with seemingly endless variations, and that includes face masks! As more and more people start to realize the benefits of face masks in their skincare routine, face masks have become one of the top-selling products among the Japanese as well as tourists. They are nourishing, and drugstores often stock up face masks to suit different skin needs.

These endless options of masks may seem daunting, but don’t worry, we have evaluated several popular masks hidden in Japanese drugstores based on these three different criteria.

Affordable Masks

Suitable for: Everyone
Budget Range: $1.58-$2.58 per piece
Recommendation: Affordable price point, for daily use at the end of your skincare routine.

Skincare can cost quite a penny, but don’t fret, because most Japanese drugstore masks are quite affordable. Here are two types of masks that are affordable, yet still provide abundant nourishment to the skin!

1. Quality First Queen's Premium Pore Tightening Mask
For those who need a pore deep-cleanse

A mask fit for royalty! Formulated for pore care, the Queen’s Premium Pore Tightening Mask by Quality First has charcoal components to absorb excess sebum and dirt inside pores. On top of that, it contains black pearl essence and Okinawa mud to deep cleanse your pores, and has an ultra-thick adhesive sheet to fit into your skin snugly.

Besides this charcoal version in a black packaging, Quality First has other variations of the Queen’s Premium Mask in a super moisturizing version and a brightening version.

2. Mandom Barrier Repair Sheet Mask
For those who need to heal their skin barrier

A frequent winner of the @cosme awards, this is a must-grab from a Japanese drugstore. It is called a “Baby Mask” because of how moisturizing and gentle it is on dry, sensitive skin.

With Hyaluronic Acid being one of its main ingredients, this mask provides daily moisturization, smooths your skin, and makes your pores appear smaller. It also contains placental oil, a protective moisture film similar to baby skin, which helps to restore a delicate, baby-like texture on your skin.

First-aid Masks

Suitable for: People who need urgent skincare

Budget Range: $6-$9 per piece

Recommendation: Provides intense nourishment for quick skin rejuvenation

Got a last-minute event you need to prep for? If your skin isn’t cooperating and you need a quick fix, these masks provide intense nourishment for your skin. 

1. LITS White Stem Bright Shot Mask 3 pcs
For those who need a quick glow

Achieve brighter and plumper skin with White Stem Bright Shot Mask by LITS. What’s unique about this mask is that it includes 6 melting essence patches that you can place on dark spots or pimple marks. Afterwards, you can cover your entire face with the face mask to deliver intense moisturization.

The silver version of this mask has a lightening effect, helping to lighten dark spots. Meanwhile, the gold version focuses on smoothing out fine lines and wrinkles, and the pink version is for daily moisturizing.

2. Creers La Rose De Versailles Face Mask 27ml (Gold)
For those who need a moisture boost

This face mask is sure to catch your eye with its artistic manga artwork on the packaging! It is highly popular in Japan because of how it provides deep moisturization and skin repair to achieve smooth, elastic skin.

It has a gentle peach fragrance and contains ingredients such as pomegranate flower and camellia flower extract. This mask will help your skin recover quickly and give you that last-minute boost before you go for your event!

Repair Masks

Suitable for: Advanced skincare lovers

Budget Range: $5-$8 per piece

Recommendation: Potent function, revives dull skin

If you often stay up late and have dull skin, then these repair masks will help revive your complexion! 

1. AG Ultimate Mask 5 pieces
For those who have dull and tired skin

This AG Ultimate Mask by COCOCHI boasts of a 100% natural cotton membrane cloth, allowing it to be light, breathable, and excellent in absorbing the essence.

The essence consists of apple extract and niacinamide, which are perfect ingredients for brightening complexion and reviving dull skin! After a late night night, wear this mask before going to bed and your skin will thank you!

2. Ceruru.b Placenta Face Mask Plus+
For those who need regeneration and plumpness

Ceruru.b’s Placenta Face Mask is formulated to support skin that goes through daily environmental changes, which can be taxing on the skin. The placenta stem cell ingredient regenerates and restores skin into optimum elasticity, moisture, and plumpness. Made with Bemliese, the mask’s material is made from a type of non-woven cuprammonium rayon fibre that is 100% cellulose.

That’s all we have to share about the types of Japanese drugstore masks! These are well-loved by the Japanese for a reason and we recommend you to try it out!

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