Things to Bring for Your Outings this National Day!

Singapore’s National Day falls on 9th August, a day where we celebrate our country’s independence. In previous years, due to the pandemic, the national day celebrations have been kept pretty simple or simply celebrated online.

However, this year’s celebration will be resuming to pre-pandemic levels, with exciting parades and marches, group dances, and large-scale firework performances to look forward to.

  Picture taken from NDP2022

As a holiday, the national day is also a good time for you to go out with your kids. Be it attending the parade, or simply going out somewhere nearby, this check list would be good for you to be thoroughly prepared for your outings!

Check list of things to bring for your trip:

  • Sun protection essentials
  • Cooling products
  • Insect repellent products

Sun Protection Essentials- For All-Round Protection

Mama & Kids UV Light Veil SPF23PA ++ 200ml

  • SPF 23
  • Lightweight, comfortable and breathable
  • Gentle formula, safe and without additives


Coroku-Hokkaido Baby Horse Oil UV milk SPF28PA+++ 30ml

  • Horse oil imported from Japan
  • Moisturizes and locks in moisture quickly
  • Cares for sensitive skin

UV Cut Cool Feelings Heat Shield/UV Protection Sun Hat

  • UPF 50+ with professional sun protection
  • Absorbs moisture in a timely manner, and keeps dry at all times
  • Comes in different colours and is fashionable

TRAIN Woman's Desire “COOL & UV" Inside Mesh Arm Cover

  • UPF 50+, UV blocking rate of 99%
  • Delicate, smooth and comfortable material
  • It does not feel too stuffy, hot, or make you sweat easily

Cooling Products- For Instant Relief

HAKUGEN Cool Shirt Mist (Extra Mint Fragrance) 100ml

  • Menthol dual-action formula
  • Effectively eliminates sweat odor, and keeps you cool and comfortable
  • Lightweight and easy to use

Insect Repellent Products- A Must-Have for Hot Seasons

Fumakilla-SKIN VAPE Mosquito Repellent Spray (Refreshing Citrus Marine Scent) 200ml

  • Plant-based mosquito repellent, with safe ingredients
  • Effectively repel mosquitoes for 4-6 hours
  • Has a convenient and easy to use nozzle design

WAKODO Insect Repellent Sticker 60pcs

  • Safe for pregnant women and babies
  • Cool and fresh scent
  • Repels mosquitoes within a 50 cm radius

WAKODO No Insects Bracelet Mosquito Repellent 4pcs

  • Gentle and safe mosquito repellent
  • Added with natural vanilla essential oil for long-lasting effectiveness against mosquitoes
  • Waterproof, sweatproof and easy to use.

With these travel essentials, they will ensure a fuss-free national day holiday for you!

To celebrate Singapore’s 57th year of independence, we will be having a Mix & Match Promotion online and in-stores, from 5th to 9th August, so do check it out!


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